Antiracism and the Animal Movement: A Necessary Union (in French)

November 4, 2017 15 h 35 min - 15 h 55 min

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Dalila Awada

There is a necessary solidarity between the different movements of emancipation, the struggle for equality and to eradicate oppressions (anti-racism, antispeciesism, anti-capitalism, feminism, anti-colonialism, etc.). These struggles have much in common and in theory converge towards the same goal. However, bridges are not always easy to build and these movements often work in parallel to each other, when they should be working hand in hand. The conference will present some thoughts on this issue, on the problems but also on the possible solutions towards a more intersectional movement. It will also be an opportunity to hear about pro-vegan initiatives developed by racialized people, who are often not very visible in vegan spaces.