Culinary demos

Every year the culinary demo team is proud to announce various international and local vegan chefs, from all walks of life, and their quality culinary demonstrations. You will learn how to veganize your diet by revamping classic recipes such as Mac’n Cheese, burgers, plant-based cheeses and desserts like salted caramel, ganache or whipped cream, as well as, original recipes that are both healthy and gluten-free. But most importantly, every recipe is always delicious. Whether you’re vegan or not, you’ll still enjoy watching the chefs prepare their dishes, while they connect with you at the same time. Even though a plant-based diet is part of veganism, it is not a strict diet since veganism itself is about animal ethics. However, the increasing interest for plant-based recipes has been very significant and is truly appreciated by us all. At the end of each demo, guests will also be able to taste some of the foods prepared during the show.