PANEL – All Gain, No Pain: World-Class Vegan Athletes Break Stereotypes

Auditorium September 22, 2019 16 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min

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Georges Laraque
John Lewis
Marc-Olivier Brouillette
Rebecca Theofanis and Josh Goldman

In this sports panel, five inspirational plant-powered athletes come together to demystify the need for animal protein for top athletic performance.

Coming from diverse sports backgrounds, retired Canadian football linebacker Marc-Olivier Brouillette, former ice hockey player Georges Laraque, nationally certified fitness trainer John Lewis, and fitness power couple Rebecca Theofanis and Josh Goldman, answer some of the most popular misconceptions of plant-based sports nutrition. Topics like the connection between a plant-based diet and improved athletic performance, recovery, and longevity will be discussed with the audience, as well as what are the best foods to eat, and how you can successfully stay vegan and influence others at the same time.