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On the road with gourmand vegan (FR)

Restaurateurs: Simon, Gabrielle, Minh and Milène

Release date: November 15

Release time: 2 p.m.


At the crossroads of the tastes of Quebec, from salty to sweet, we invite you to dive into the heart of vegan cuisine, daring and tasty, a famous blend that questions its guests about their identity, their values, and their gastronomic history.

Cuisine vegan is more than a simple plate of vegetables. Do not wait any longer to discover the vegan cuisine which offers us easily a wide variety of dishes by traveling from Mont Tremblant within the comforting Cabane à Tuque and passing through Trois Rivières to discover a trendy place like Café Frida, before finding a flourished and colorful restaurant like Ohana Sushi Vegan in Montréal, then finalize with the delicious desserts of Sophie Sucrée.

Sophie Sucrée

Since her decision to launch the shop Sophie Sucrée, Milène Laoun (founder) has sought to improve vegan pastry recipes and techniques, always prioritising taste and quality.

With the help of an amazing team, Sophie Sucrée’s labs have gone through the classics of the sugar (and some salty) world to reinvent them entirely in their vegan versions.

In 2013, Sophie Sucrée vegan pastry shop opened its doors and since that day, it continues with great pleasure providing vegan pastry options to all those interested across Montreal.

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Minh has worked with her partner in sushi restaurant business for over 20 years.

During these many years in the field of sushi, she always wanted to reinvent and evolve this cuisine towards vegetarian.
With a lot of research, she decided to convert her menu to vegan sushi by including more new tastes.

Ohana has been born of this idea!

Ohana Sushi’s mission is to allow you to have a break in your busy day.

In order to realize this mission, they have reinvented vegan sushi quite simply in the art of living well and eating food as delicious as healthy.

Thus, they know how to satisfy you due to their passion of work, whether at their counter or by fast delivery.

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Café Frida

Gabrielle is co-owner of Café Frida and Dep Frida, and co-author of Comptoir Vegan. She opened the Café in 2015, and she made the transition to a 100% vegan menu for the purpose of consistency and transparency.

The ecological impact of animal products industry is disastrous on our planet in addition to all the ethical issues from both human and animal perspective.

It was impossible for her to continue encouraging this model of exploitation, personally and professionally. She is glad to see that the skeptics were convinced!

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Cabane a Tuque

Simon Meloche Goulet est l’instigateur de la Cabane à tuque ou, autrement dit, l’agriculteur maraîcher, le cuisinier, le cueilleur de plantes sauvages, l’acériculteur, le constructeur, le téléphoniste, l’agent de marketing, le plongeur et le papa à la maison (ou plutôt le papa au champ) qui fait que toutes les facettes de ce gros projet s’articulent pour accueillir de belle tablée au temps des sucres.

He has been vegetarian since he was 16 years old. As a child, he was asthmatic and often ill. When he decided to stop eating meat, he started to feel healthier. Since then, he had rarely asthma. He concluded that his body is simply not made for eating meat, and since he does not eat meat, it did not make sense to him to serve it in his restaurant. Her sugar shack is now completely vegan, with simply delicious meals.

It was Smith and MacKinnon’s “100 Mile Diet” that made him want to become not only a “locavore”, but also a farmer. For over 10 years now, he has only gone to the grocery store for the monthly bag of crisps. He has changed the way he supplies his food; what he cannot produce himself, he provides it as much as possible directly from regional producers.

He also tries always to limit his ecological footprint, while remaining being pragmatic. He has never owned a car and always preferred to travel by bike or on foot. He considers himself privileged to be able to afford the luxury of not owning a car! Consequently, he has kept himself in shape and today, despite his vulnerabilities mentioned above, he performs in Ironman and ultra marathons without training!