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Panel: 4 vegan authors present us their books (FR)

Host: Julie Herbivore

Authors: Eve-Marie Gingras, Valéry Giroux, Élise Desaulniers, Virginie Simoneau-Gilbert

Release date: November 8

Release time: 3 p.m.

Julie Herbivore

Julie Herbivore joined the volunteer team of the FVM in 2019 to support the communications team. She has gone vegan 7 years ago after watching the documentary “Vegucated”. She shares her love for cooking and gardening in social media.

Eve-Marie Gingras

Eve-Marie Gingras graduated in visual arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). She has been working as a massage therapist for over ten years.

Her interest in ethics and her love for animals coupled with a need to feel useful and brought her back to the drawing board. She is the author and designer of her first comic book, HOW (AND WHY) I BECOME A VEGAN which was released last August.

Valery Giroux

Valéry Giroux is a long-time vegan and animal liberation activist. She is a jurist and a doctorate in philosophy. She is the coordinator of the Ethics Research Center where she conducts research committed to animal ethics. She is also an associate professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Montreal and a Fellow of the Oxford Center for Animal Ethics.

She is the author of the book L’ANTISPÉCISME published last August, AGAINST L’EXPLOITATION ANIMALE (2017) and she is the co-author of the book LE VÉGANISME (2019). She often gives insight into top Canadian mass media about issues concerning animal rights, veganism and speciesism.

Élise Desaulniers

Élise Desaulniers is executive director of the Montreal SPCA and she is also an independent researcher. She is the author of the books, JE MANGE AVEC MA TÊTE(2011), VACHE À LAIT(2013), LE DÉFI VÉGANE 21 JOURS(2016) and co-author of the book, TABLES VÉGANES MENUS D’ICI ET D’AILLEURS (2020).

She has also written numerous articles and received the Grand Prize for Independent Journalism in Quebec (category, opinion) for a text on feminism and anti-speciesism in 2015. She often gives insight in the media about animal rights and veganism.

Virginie Simoneau-Gilbert

Virginie Simoneau-Gilbert completed a master’s degree in philosophy at the University of Montreal last August under the supervision of Christian Nadeau and Valéry Giroux. Her thesis studies the extension of legal personality to non-human animals in civil law. Her fields of specialization in philosophy include ethics, animal ethics and the philosophy of law.

Her interest for the history of the animal cause in Quebec led her to write AU NOM DES ANIMAUX, L’HISTOIRE DE LA SPCA DE MONTRÉAL (1869 – 2019). This book is part of the organization’s 150th anniversary. It is the first book dedicated to the history of the animal cause in Quebec.

Virginie Simoneau-Gilbert continues her studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at the University of Oxford in England thanks to the valuable support of the Rhodes Scholarship.