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Sunday November 1

Since veganism is more and more present in the media, scientific research did also engage in it.

It is essentially health sciences dominate the publications on the subject, and the environmental, human and social sciences are other disciplines that are interested in it.

Is veganism a social movement? (FR)

Presentation by Alexia Renard at 2PM

For a long time, veganism has been considered as a lifestyle.

For a long time, veganism has been considered as a lifestyle. With the proliferation of anti-speciesist actions and the increasing visibility of veganism, the emphasis has been placed on the collective, even political extent of this individual action. In this conference, we will try to define what a social movement is from the opposition between individual and collective action.

Vegan Cheese Appetizers (Plant-Based By Nafsika TV Show)

Presentation by Nafsika Antypas at 3PM

Nafsika Antypas is a TV host, executive producer, writer, author, and entrepreneur.

She is the creator of Plant-Based By Nafsika, the world’s first vegan lifestyle series on mainstream television, and the founder of Nafsika’s Garden, a global vegan cheese brand. A true vegan herself since 2013, Nafsika uses her brands to help others switch to a plant-based vegan lifestyle in order to live a healthier, more sustainable and more compassionate lifestyle.

Sunday November 8

SAFE and Sound: for the dignity of farm animals (FR)

Presentation by Catherine Gagnieux at 1PM

SAFE- Sanctuaire pour animaux de ferme de l’Estrie is the only registered Canadian charity located in Quebec.

With 64 acres of land filled with rivers, ponds and meadows, SAFE enjoys an idyllic location and is a safe place free from suffering and exploitation, where animals live happily ever after.

The refuge SOS Miss Dolittle is a wildlife rehabilitation center located in Quebec-Rive-Sud and it is the only one in the region.

The presentation will allow you to learn more about the life story of the animals that are currently in rehabilitation at the center and the importance of cohabiting with these wonderful animals. Do not hesitate to visit the Facebook or Instagram of the refuge for more information. The refuge does live broadcast every Wednesday on their Facebook page.

The animals of the Refuge RR

Presentation by Rose Gergely at 2:30PM

Refuge RR is Canada’s biggest animal sanctuary and is now home to over 250 animals.

Rose Gergely was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and has loved animals since a young age. At the age of 11 shebecame aware of the horrific cruelty of the Canadian seal hunt and became active in raising awareness about it. It was also at this time that she stopped eating animals and adopted a vegetarian diet.

At age 13 she bought her own horse who was boarded in a riding facility but she soon discovered that many people had no love or respect for their horses and only used them for sport and profit, eventually discarding them, selling them or sending them to slaughter. She embraced veganism when she was 18 years old, and as her awareness of animal cruelty grew so did her passion and drive to help them.

Panel: 4 vegan authors present us their books (FR)

Presentation by Julie Herbivore at 3PM

In an era where everything is digital and people's attention span has been getting shorter, these four authors advocate for veganism by writing books that cover multiple aspects of it.

When Élise Desaulniers began to take an interest in animal ethics a dozen years ago, she attended her first vegan conference which was presented by Valéry Giroux. Valéry gave her a recipe book and she answered all of Elise’s questions. They have become friends.

A few years later, it was the Elise’s book’s turn to play an important role in the transition of Eve-Marie Gingras. She talks about it in her first vegan comic book which Élise wrote the preface.

Then, there is this young student, Virginie Simoneau-Gilbert, who writes a book about the 150-year long history of the Montreal SPCA commissioned by Élise while she does her master’s degree in philosophy supervised by … Valéry.

Behind all this, there is a lot of solidarity, inspiration, mutual aid and friendship.

Sunday November 15

Tacos Guertino (FR)

Presentation by MJ Guertin at 1PM

Self-taught chef MJ’s culinary journey begins with the opening of her first restaurant in the heart of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Sata Sushi

After doing some ready-to-eat services The Vegangels, she starts renovations for her next project. Recipient of the Golden Tofu organized by AVM and Vegan for nearly 12 years, she opens Mimi & Jones in the summer of 2019, the first vegan “diner” located in Mile End.
Fall 2020, Sata Sushi will be renovated and Jones Café will be launched!

Le Croque-Monsieur parisien (FR)

Presentation by Sebastien Kardinal at 1:30PM

Sébastien Kardinal is a prolific culinary author who likes to tackle delicate and original subjects, but also the veganisation of traditional or popular cuisine.

Since 2007, he has been sharing his know-how and expertise on the Internet through various media and social networks. Since 2018, he has devoted himself to his YouTube channel where he shares his restaurant reviews, vegan product trials, recipes and travel diaries, always from the angle of a daily vegan life.

On the road with gourmand vegan (FR)

Restaurateurs: Simon, Gabrielle, Minh and Milène at 2PM

At the crossroads of the tastes of Quebec, from salty to sweet, we invite you to dive into the heart of vegan cuisine, daring and tasty, a famous blend that questions its guests about their identity, their values, and their gastronomic history.

Cuisine vegan is more than a simple plate of vegetables. Do not wait any longer to discover the vegan cuisine which offers us easily a wide variety of dishes by traveling from Mont Tremblant within the comforting Cabane à Tuque and passing through Trois Rivières to discover a trendy place like Café Frida, before finding a flourished and colorful restaurant like Ohana Sushi Vegan in Montréal, then finalize with the delicious desserts of Sophie Sucrée.

Vegan Families (FR)

Sara-Maude & Mario, Sophie & Vincent, Marie & Olivia and Thao at 2:30PM

The traditional family has undergone many changes in its definition, in its daily customs to adapt to our modern era, and to many ethical issues including animal ethics which is increasingly debated in our society.

What about the lifestyle of vegan families?

We invite you to discover 3 families with different backgrounds:

Sophie and Vincent for whom raising their child Lévi in a vegan lifestyle being obvious.

Marie and Olivia and their two young children, Florian and Francis, convinced like their mothers of the merits of the vegan lifestyle.

And finally, Sara-Maude & Mario, happy parents of Rose-Elysabeth and Ocean Mateus, and their two pigs Babe and Sissi, completing blissfully this nucleus family.

We will also have insights from a clinical nutritionist at Sainte-Justine Hospital, Thao Bui who supports parents in their efforts to raise their children vegan with confidence and simplicity!