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SAFE and Sound: for the dignity of farm animals (FR)

Catherine Gagnieux

Release date: November 8

Release time: 1 p.m.


SAFE- Sanctuaire pour animaux de ferme de l’Estrie is the only registered Canadian charity located in Quebec. With 64 acres of land occupied by rivers, ponds and meadows, SAFE uses an idyllic location and it is a safe place free from suffering and exploitation where animals live happily ever after.

SAFE don’t receive federal nor provincial funding, therefore relies on the generosity of its supporters to continue to give farm animals a second chance as a happy life. It is with the support of the community and the generosity of its supporters that SAFE can save, rehabilitate and provide lifelong care to farm animals that have been rescued from various food industries, such as dairy, meat and egg, but also slaughterhouses or quite simply the abandoned.

SAFE’s second priority mission is to have a greater impact on the living and death conditions of farm animals. Through education and public awareness, SAFE hopes to lift the veil and expose the reality of the conditions of these animals in order to recreate the link between these sensitive animals who desire to live and the small packages of meat and dairy products that we find in stores.

SAFE aims to reach the public to support awareness about the suffering of farm animal as well as to educate through innovative programs and advocacy work.

The goal is to inspire compassion in people so that they can live without cruelty and follow a sustainable lifestyle by saving more farm animal lives, and possibly the planet.

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