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Vegan Families (FR)

Sara-Maude & Mario, Sophie & Vincent, Marie & Olivia and Thao

Release date: November 15

Release time: 2:30 p.m.


The traditional family has undergone many changes in its definition, in its daily customs to adapt to our modern era, and to many ethical issues including animal ethics which is increasingly debated in our society.

What about the lifestyle of vegan families?

We invite you to discover 3 families with different backgrounds:

Sophie and Vincent for whom raising their child Lévi in a vegan lifestyle being obvious.

Marie and Olivia and their two young children, Florian and Francis, convinced like their mothers of the merits of the vegan lifestyle.

And finally, Sara-Maude & Mario, happy parents of Rose-Elysabeth and Ocean Mateus, and their two pigs Babe and Sissi, completing blissfully this nucleus family.

We will also have insights from a clinical nutritionist at Sainte-Justine Hospital, Thao Bui who supports parents in their efforts to raise their children vegan with confidence and simplicity!

Sara-Maude & Mario

Together since 2013, Mario Jorge Ramos originally Portuguese & Sara-Maude Ravenelle originally Quebecor have two children; Rose-Elysabeth, 3 years old and Ocean Mateus, 21 months old.

Veganism has been present in their family for several years.

Mario, coming from a very carnivore entourage by his origins became a vegetarian two years after meeting Sara-Maude, vegetarian since she was 10 years old.

Living on an agricultural land surrounded by farms, Sara-Maude quickly realized the fate of farm animals. It was in 2013 that Sara-Maude began her transition to veganism, and Mario gradually followed her until he became completely vegan, when Rose-Elysabeth was born.

Therefore, Sara-Maude lived her two pregnancies by being completely vegan and their children have the same lifestyle since their birth.

Living with the pigs Babe (since 2015) as well as Sissi (since 2019), it was after meeting in Montréal that they decided to make their living in a century-old house in Montérégie in order to provide more space for the animals sharing their household.

Both working in media industry, Mario is an editor-in-chief for RDS Video Games and Sara-Maude is a photographer.

They were also founder members of the vegan magazine which lasted 4 years.

Learn more about Sarah-Maude:

Sophie & Vincent

Involved in animal cause since adolescence, Sophie Gaillard has been vegan for twenty years and works as a lawyer and director of animal defence at the Montreal SPCA.

Her partner, Vincent Lemay became vegan early in their relationship, a transition that has been done naturally and easily due to Vincent’s ecological inclinations and his passion for cooking.

Sophie and Vincent live in Montreal with their two dogs, Milo and Phoebe and four cats. Since last April, their little boy Lévi has joined their family.

Marie & Olivia

Marie, Olivia, Florian and Francis are a vegan family. Olivia quit eating meat in 2000, Marie in 2010 and it was only natural that their children would too.

They like to eat and cook, to make their ice cream and tempeh, to hike, storytelling and not to kill animals. As Florian says perfectly: “We don’t drink horse milk!”

Thao Bui

Thao Bui has been a nutritionist and vegan for more than 5 years. She works as a clinician at Sainte-Justine Hospital.

At the same time, she gives private consultations to help vegetarians / vegans or to support people who wish to adopt a plant-based diet.

Webinars, conferences and workshops are also part of her services. Thao is known as “La végé d’à côté” and she has a blog of the same title.