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Why be a volunteer ?


New ideas, new products, new people


Be part of passionate and professional engaged team


Create a beautiful festival that brings people together

General Questions

What kind of openings do you have ?
  1. Core team: Working year round to help organize the festival.
  2. Punctual team: Work on the days of the festival to help it run smoothly.
Do you have paid positions ?

No, we are 100% volunteer run. You are welcome to get in touch in order to see what you can contribute with your time, energy and talents.

I want to present a conference, who should I talk to ?

Wonderful! We’d love to get in touch with you. Please use the contact form and tell us more about yourself. We’ll follow up.

Do you do interviews ?

This is a possibility. Send us a message and tell us your needs.

If the festival is virtual this year, why are you looking for volunteers ?

Even though we’re exceptionally running the festival online this year, we still intend to host a in person (provided proper safety and precaution measures) for our subsequent editions.

This means that your talents, energy and passion are welcome and we’d love to get in touch.

I'm not vegan but I'd like to know more.

That’s why we’re here. To help make veganism, both in lifestyle and activism, accessible. Check out our previous editions to know more and look on youtube for a teasure trove of content.

What others ways than volunteering can I contribute ?

If you have the means, please donate. This will help us ensure that our non-profit can keep runnning and put on festivals years after year.

Share what you found useful to your network.

Connect with us and let us know what you need or want. By knowing your needs, we can better meet them.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, share them with us.

Help create a more vegan friendly world.

Send us a message or ask us about our open positions. We are 100% powered by volunteers.

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