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Welcome to the world of wild animals at the refuge SOS Miss Dolittle (FR)

Jennifer Tremblay

Release date: November 8

Release time: 2 p.m.


The refuge SOS Miss Dolittle is a wildlife rehabilitation center located in Quebec-Rive-Sud and it is the only one in the region. The center has been welcoming wild, injured or orphaned animals since 7 years. Thanks to the dedicated work of many volunteers, more than 3,600 animals have been admitted since the opening on April 1, 2014. As mentioned on their website, the center’s mission is to rehabilitate and release injured or orphaned wild animals in Quebec, to educate the population on the importance of cohabitation and conservation of different wildlife species in order to support the ecosystem and ultimately, to contribute to the knowledge and research which are necessary for the conservation and management of wildlife resources in a biological, social and political context.

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The presentation will allow you to learn more about the life story of the animals that are currently in rehabilitation at the center and the importance of cohabiting with these wonderful animals. Do not hesitate to visit the Facebook or Instagram of the refuge for more information. The refuge does live broadcast every Wednesday on their Facebook page.