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What I learned about veganism through my research on the vegan movement (FR)

Stéphanie Lavoie

Release date: November 1

Release time: 1 p.m.


Stéphanie is originally from Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean where she grew up in close contact with nature. It was this closeness that first guided his college studies in environment. Then, she left the region to continue her studies in geography at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières. According to her, it was the change of living environment that triggered her transition to veganism. Some time after arriving in Trois-Rivières, Stéphanie became a vegetarian and she has now been vegan for over three years. Her journey towards veganism has let her questioning where she seeks to answer today through her master’s project which is interested in, among other things, having a vegan lifestyle in the city and in the countryside.


Since veganism is more and more present in the media, scientific research did also engage in it. It is essentially health sciences dominate the publications on the subject, and the environmental, human and social sciences are other disciplines that are interested in it. And what about geography? Actually, little research has focused on the geographic environment where the vegan movement is deployed. This conference proposes to show the challenges behind this approach, and to provide avenues of response regarding the spatial distribution of movement. Secondly, it will present the teachings of scientific research on veganism in addition to presenting some links between theory and the field.