Portraits of the week

1 – Rafaëlle Roy, vegan singer-songwriter

Introduce yourself

My name is Rafaëlle Roy, I’m 27 years old, I’m a mom of a little vegan of almost 8 months and I’m a professional singer and content creator.

How and why did you decide to go vegan?

I became a vegetarian around the age of 7 after linking meat to animal. I was no longer able to dissociate them and I didn’t understand that we could eat my friends! I then went vegan at my 19th birthday, after discovering the horrors of the dairy, egg, honey, and leather industry, in short, animal exploitation. It’s actually Instagram, thanks to its hashtags, which redirected me to vegan pages of recipes and activism, which in turn convinced me to stop encouraging these industries out of justice and compassion. So it’s for animals that I went vegan at 100 %, and for life!

Which obstacles did you face as a vegan?

The only obstacles I faced in becoming vegan, sincerely, are in my interpersonal relationships with people who didn’t understand my choice and whom I actively argued with. When I realized I needed to go vegan to align my actions with my values, all this new information also came with misunderstanding, sadness, helplessness and anger that was complex to deal with. Over time, I learned to live in a world whose majority don’t share my principles with a little more nuance and sweetness to spare myself, because it was deeply difficult for me to function on a daily basis with, in thoughts, the nightmare that so many animals are victims of every second because of us. Naturally I walked away from the people for whom it was inconceivable to adopt the lifestyle I chose and it’s great as it is! It’s really important to surround yourself with people who at least don’t question our core values.

Apart from being vegan, what do you do to minimize your environmental impact?

Most of the time I move on public transit (I don’t have a car! ), I recycle (always! ) and prioritizes local and seasonal food. I regularly visit my little zero waste store near me, refuses plastic straws and has reduced my consumption of over-packaged products in recent years. The vast majority of my clothes are second hand too! I am increasingly aware of my ecological footprint and want to continue to adapt my routine to the changes we need to adopt for the sake of our wonderful planet.

What is your favorite recipe?

I think my favorite recipe of all time is mine: my vegan lasagna! On the other hand, I’ve never written it down…so it’s still a secret… hihi! If not, I really love EVERYTHING Marie-Michelle Chouinard (aka Une maman végane), though my favorite dish remains a good big multicolored salad! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm