What Does Vegan Ecofeminism Tell Us About Antispecism? (Qu’est-ce que l’écoféminisme végane nous dit de l’antispécisme ?) (French session)

October 9, 2022 16 h 30 min -

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Myriam Bahaffou

Myriam Bahaffou is a doctoral student in feminist studies and philosophy. She is interested in inter-species connections from an ecofeminist and decolonial perspective, and advocates in different ecofeminist spaces and collectives for an intersectional understanding of climate justice issues. She signed the entry “Ecoféminisme radical” in “Feu ! Abécédaire des féminismes présents” coordinated by Elsa Dorlin and will publish “Des paillettes sur le compost : écoféminismes au quotidien” at Passager Clandestin in October 2022.