Introducing the Plant Based Treaty in Quebec

October 1, 2023 15 h 00 min -

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Anita Krajnc
Rick Hinojosa

Are you worried about the climate crisis? The current global food system with expanding meat, dairy, and egg consumption is transgressing planetary boundaries like deforestation, species extinction, freshwater withdrawals, ocean acidification, and climate impacts like forest fires, floods, heat waves, and extreme weather and leading to food security and extraordinary animal exploitation and suffering. The Plant Based Treaty offers a way for you to be a vegan lobbyist with playbooks on best practices for local cities, schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, retirement homes and global institutions. Through the Plant Based Treaty website you can do on-line advocacy by emailing or calling your councillors and asking them to endorse the treaty. You can also get involved in our campaign to promote oat milk by default in cafes.